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Esfir Shapiro is an artist, a financial director, and a mother of three children. Born in Kyrgyzstan, she lives and works in Israel. From her childhood, she was fascinated in color, its changes, combinations, and influence on people. In 1994 she immigrated to Israel. Later Esfir studied at the Faculty of Finance in The School of Business Administration in Tel Aviv, and at the same time she continued studying art and psychology. In 2015, Esfir graduated from the Israeli College of Design Сoncept with a degree in interior design and began designing interiors. Aroung same time, the artist became interested in meditation practices. It is through meditation that Esfir receives images she transfers to canvases. In 2020, she completed an art therapy course at the Moscow Institute of Practical Psychology. Once in 2021 she has been accepted into the Artists Union of the city of Petah Tikva, Esther started participating in various European and Israeli art exhibitions.

Artist statement

As a full-time CFO, and a mom of three, I was feeling like I was missing the lightness of being and a sense of self. And then seven years ago through my teacher I discovered the world of meditation. Unbeknownst to me, a multi-level, exciting new life emerged. It`s that initial flow I reflect in my art works, as a reminder that each of us is unique and inimitable, like a fancy multilayered pattern. My painting is sincerity, an inquiry to one’s imagination, an opportunity to give free rein to the subconscious part, and, therefore, an expansion and increase in the vision of space. Subtle music of vibrations, weaves, touches, connecting the body and soul. It fascinates me how my paintings give people a point of hope from which their stories are born, so different and similar at the same time. I feel that we are all accomplices in the multidimensional reality that we create individually.